💪🏼 Two Week Healthy Living Update 💪🏼

Hello!   Some of you will have read my last post about upping my game when it comes to healthy eating and exercising.  It has now been two weeks since I made that post so I decided to update you all what what’s been going on with me.


Breakfast: Been feeling good about brekkie.  I have FINALLY weaned myself off cereal for breakfast and have been instead noshing on fruit and stuff.  I have been loving two slices of banana with peanut butter in between.  I have also been getting back into herbal teas in a major way.  Dr. Stuart’s herbal teas are my fave.  There is a different kind to cure literally anything!

Corn cakes with salt and sugar free peanut butter, flax seeds and sliced banana and passion fruit

Lunch: Lunch has been a little bit more of a challlenge.  Because I am on summer holidays, I have been eating out quite a bit so lots of yummy not very good for you stuff for me.  Sorry not sorry.  Despite this, I have completely eliminated fizzy drinks.  For real, if you want to make any small change to your diet, stop drinking fizzy drinks.  They bloat you, cause tooth decay, are a hidden source of sugar, can actually decrease your bone density and do so much more. Ew, ew , ew.


Dinner: Dinner has been good.  Very dense in vegetables with barely any red meat.  I have been loving fish a lot recently too which can be a much better option than pork, lamb and beef.


  I have been walking pretty much everywhere recently as well as looking for more obscure ways to burn some extra cals.  I have been washing the car, gardening and cleaning to stay active during the day.  The perk of doing housework to stay active is that it leaves you with a sparkly clean house too! Win win.

Other Stuff

Even though I don’t think I have slimmed down in any extreme way, I have been feeling a lot less bloated recently.  I always feel so much more confident when I am eating well so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is feeling a little down on themselves.  My debs are coming up soon so I had better start treating my boy like a temple. :)))

Anyone who has any advice or tips to share with readers and myself, feel free to leave a comment.  I will update you all in another two weeks.

Until next time

Chloe xx


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