How I Made Myself Less Funny Looking for the Debs – The Ultimate Guide for Funny Looking Kids

My Debs was on this Monday the 21st and wow, a lot of preparation went into not looking like a total hound next to all of my super model friends.


About a month before the big day, I went out with my mother to buy the dress.  This was a pretty painless experience and we only had to go into one shop before we found the one.  My big piece of advice for this is to bring someone with you when shopping for your dress.  I had foolishly gone out on my own earlier in the week to find a dress and I just ended up feeling deflated and overwhelmed.

Equally, I wouldn’t recommend buying online.  Between wondering if your dress will arrive on time, in the right size or at all, it can be a tremendously stressful affair.  At least if you buy in store, you can be sure straight away of any alterations that need to be made.

My dress was from House of Fraser in Dundrum for a pretty hefty sum (over 200 Euro).  That being said, House of Fraser has a massive sale on every summer so something a little more budget friendly could be found there for sure.  I would really recommend the shop just because its changing rooms are spacious, its staff are extremely helpful and its selection of dresses is massive.

My gúna


So being the pasty little one that I am, I decided that  spray tan would be a good choice for my special day.  I had never had one before and it was certainly a little shock to the system to have a stranger painting my almost naked self.  I went to the Buff Day Spa on South King St. for my treatment and was pretty satisfied with the results.  I got spray-tanned the Saturday evening before my Debs.  Admittedly, I had to take three baths and exfoliate to fade the colour to the shade that I wanted.

 Was it a positive experience?  Yes.  Would I get a spray tan again?  Probably not.  I think I can do a very similar job myself at home for a fraction of the price.  That being said, some of my friends get frequent spray-tans and love them.  To each their own, I suppose.

Another thing that I would mention to any other spray-tan virgins, is not to go out straight after you have had your tan done.  I went to a concert the evening of mine and felt like I was partaking in some kind of weird black-face thing.  It was not good.  No sir.

Looking pretty brown for my standards after bath #2


I personally don’t love my hair up, so I went to my usual hairdresser to get a cut, blowdry and curl.  I went to Ciaran Nevin Salon in Terenure and had a grand old time.  I got my hair done at midday on the day of my debs.  That evening, I pinned one side up behind my ear just to keep it out of my face.  The curl held very well and my hair was super duper shiny all night, so I was very happy!

Why do I do this face in selfies?


Fixing up my face was a bit more of a traumatic experience.  I went to Buff Day Spa again at about 2pm.  I was very happy with the look…until I went outside.  I found that the foundation used was a little bit too heavy and was highlighting the acne on my face.  I was also uncertain of the lip colour that had been used on me.  I booked an emergency appointment with the Estée Lauder counter in House of Fraser in the Dundrum Town Centre.

The lady who looked after me was absolutely lovely and was very good to fit me in.  She replaced the bright lip colour with a softer pink one and completely started again with my foundation.  All that my eye makeup needed was a little bit of blending, so that was easily rectified.

When I got home I went over the eyeliner to make it stand out better and replaced the lip colour with a more berry toned colour.  Despite that little drama, I was very happy with the end result.  What’s more, the makeup did not budge all night long which was great for photos!

Not feeling so debutante ready following my first makeover
Gurning is not going to help your cause, Chloe.
My eyeshadow needed more blend and my liner more fleek 
Wearing Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation.
Goofy smiles post makeover #2
This photo was taken at six in the morning (15 hours after my makeup was applied) It took a triple cleanse to take it all off!
Despite the various stresses of the day, everything went well and I was super happy with how my dress, hair and makeup turned out.  I just accessorised with little dangly earrings from Accessorize that I had bought years ago.

I have developed some tips based off of my experiences for future debs-goers.

  1. Wear a button down shirt on the day of the debs.  This means you won’t mess up your hair and makeup when you are getting dressed later on.
  2. Book all of your appointments well in advance and confirm them the week before your debs.  The last thing you need, is to be stressing on the day because you had to settle for a sub-standard salon.
  3. Research makeup and hair looks you like online.  It is super helpful to the salon you go to if you have  picture in your head of exactly what it is you want.
  4. Drink lots of water and sleep well in the weeks coming up to your debs.  This will save your skin in a major way.
  5. Go to a makeup artist for your makeup instead of a beautician.  They will probably have more expertise on makeup application.
  6. Make your appointments for early in the day.  This allows time to fix any disasters – they do happen every so often.
  7. Don’t take any beauty risks before your debs.  If you’re unhappy with the result, it can be very hard to reverse in time for the big night.  I almost wish that I had gone in for a spray tan once before the one for my debs.  This would have helped me to gauge how long to space my appointment before the actual event.
  8. Go easy on the drink during the day.  Most likely, you will be drinking for the best part of twelve hours, so pace yourself.  It seems such a shame to get ready for hours only to get hammered and end up with panda eyes, with your hair scraped back in a bun, getting sick on your dress .
  9. Take lots of photos.  You’ve spent 100 euro getting your hair and makeup done.  It seems a terrible shame not to get a new profile picture out of it.
  10. DON’T STRESS OUT!  Everything will be fine.  You will have a great night, no matter what happens.  Stressing is no fun; plus it will give you spots.

Sorry for the super long post.  I just wish that I had had someone else’s experiences to work from before my debs.  I hope anyone who has their debs coming up has a great night!  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to leave any of your tips in the comments.

Until next time!

Chloe x


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