Avocado and Ambivalence: A Sad Story of Confusion and Healthy Fats

For months and months, I have been hoping to make the infamous avocado chocolate mousse, so I threw all of this crap into a blender and topped the result with craisins and almonds.  I have been told again and again that the finished product would not taste of avocado






I took a video of myself eating the resulting disappointment and honestly I felt like Bruce Bogtrotter from that scene in Matilda where he is made to eat that huge cake.  I was determined to finish this greeny-brown mess, at all costs.  The following photos are those that I decided best represented how I felt eating the mousse.  How badly I wanted to like it…


  I have never been let down so much before.  I really thought that this dish was going to revolutionise my life.  Despite this harrowing culinary experience, I think I probably will make this again.  I am far too blindly optimistic.



2 thoughts on “Avocado and Ambivalence: A Sad Story of Confusion and Healthy Fats

    1. I made chickpea cookies a little while ago. 🍪🍪🍪I thought that they were nice but my family HATED them. All a matter of personal preference I suppose. I’m sure some people love avocado desserts they just aren’t for me haha.
      I think that the thing to remember about these kinds of worthier desserts is that they are never going to be a substitute for other sugar loaded and preservative laden cakes you’d buy in a shop flavour-wise!


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