Banana and Apple Cinnamon Porridge | My Week Without Sugar

Hello, everyone!

The reason that I am publishing this “sugar-free” recipe is that this week, I am avoiding added sugar/refined sugar.  Throughout the week, I am going to be recording my experiences and then at the end I will let you all know what I thought.  I think without doubt, a lot of us eat far too much sugar these days.  Sugar is highly addictive and is a big contributor to a lot of the health problems that have popped up recently, such as type two diabetes in young kids.

If anyone wants to learn more about this, I would highly recommend watching “Fed Up“, a film by Stephanie Soechtig.  It was a real eye-opener for me; hopefully you all will enjoy too.  Anyway, on with the recipe!

Throw on a pot of porridge and leave that to cook while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.  Stir it every so often to ensure that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan.  Does everybody know how to make porridge? Yes? No?  I will tell you anyway.  Add about two times as much water as oats to a pot and leave it on the stove for five to ten minutes.  Easy peasy!


Wash and chop your apple.  Throw it into a bowl with a little bit of water and chuck it into the microwave for about 45 seconds.  You could also poach the apple in a pot but my way is faster and softens them just as well.




Slice the banana and then mash it into the porridge.



Add the apple to the mixture, sprinkle with cinnamon (or a combination of spices if you are feeling extra crazy).  Put it in your mouth, swallow and feel good that you have had a breakfast, free of added-sugar while squeezing in two of your five a day.  What an achievement.

12081609_1123676354328715_1658073518_n  12087014_1123676300995387_1874288029_n12092766_1123676340995383_1158145408_n

  I hadn’t realised just how blurry all of these photos are until I had uploaded them.  I think that the way I am importing them from my camera is funking around with the quality.  Hopefully I will be able to fix this problem soon!

 Thanks for reading

Chloe x

Disclaimer: Obviously I am not telling anyone to avoid fruit sugars or anything like that.  Natural sugars are fabulous and we humans run predominantly on carbs blah blah blah.  What I am avoiding is all of the extra sugar thrown into the processed  foods that we, as a society have been consuming on a massive scale in recent years.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion on what is a “healthy diet”.  If we are all respectful of each other’s views everything will be hunky dory.  Woo hoo!


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