Let’s Talk About Chocolate Mylk | My Week Without Sugar

Hello, all,

This week when I decided to go “sugar-free”, I started craving chocolate milk in a major way.  Unfortunately, when I was reading the ingredients of various chocolate milk products in the shop, one thing became very clear.  Most brands are either very expensive or contain large amounts of added sugar.  So I decided to make my own.

Basically all I did was pit about five dates and throw them into a blender with some cocoa powder, almond milk, vanilla essence and cinnamon.  I didn’t make my own almond milk but I would highly recommend you do, if you have the time.  It can work out a good bit cheaper but you do need to soak the almonds overnight.

It was super yummy but not better than anything I could buy in the shops, if I’m honest.  Alpro have a nice dark chocolate almond milk as well as Rebel Kitchen.  If I was honest, I wouldn’t recommend making your own chocolate mylk unless you have lots of money and time to spare (or of course you lead a no added sugar lifestyle!)

Here’s a picture of the finished product anyway.  Let me know in the comments if you have an amazing recipe for chocolate mylk or know of a low cost brand that is good!


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