A Couple of Autumn Favourite Things

Allo, allo, allo!

As promised, here is a list of a few things that have enhanced the quality of my November.  Hope you all enjoy it!


  1.  Gloves.  The weather in Dublin has been so miserable recently and gloves are the only thing that have been keeping me from being a lazy old thing and getting the Luas into college instead of walking.  I feel like because gloves are so easy to lose, there isn’t any point in spending too much money on them.  You can buy perfectly fashionable looking gloves on the high street for next to nothing.   I got this pair in Tiger for four euro.  They have a pretty sizable selection of colours and styles!
  2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.  This eye liner is incredible.  It has the best staying power of any eyeliner I have ever used.  I have been moving towards eye pencils and away from liquid liner recently.  I just feel like liquid eyeliner can look a little bit harsh sometimes and it’s more likely to start running down your face if your eyes water or if it starts to rain.  If you want more precision to your liner, I like to heat the pencil with a hairdryer for about 20 seconds before applying it with an angled brush.  It looks really good, lasts all day, doesn’t smudge and what’s more, UD is a vegan company! 10/10.
  3. Baths.  With exams looming, baths have been my only solace in dark times. I love Lush bath bombs.  The one pictured is Dragon’s Egg. It’s great if you prefer a subtler, citrus scent to some of the other, stronger ones available in Lush.
  4. Knee High Socks.  Again linked to the cold and wet weather, wooly, knee high socks have vastly improved my quality of life.  If you go down to H&M they have some gorgeous wool pairs for about 12 euro as well as thinner (but just as nice) sets of two pairs for about 7 euro.  Lovely!
  5. Almonds.  I have the chronic rumblies.  Not a recognised medical condition but one that can prove very embarrassing during lectures at around 11am.  Almonds are the perfect snack.  They are easy to pop in your bag, cheap, widely available in Lidl, Aldi and more, they keep you full for ages and they taste delicious!
  6. Ultrabland.  I have mentioned this cleanser before, but I have to sing its praises again.  It has continued to save my skin.  It’s so gentle for anybody who has a sensitive face like I do.
  7. Chanel, Le Vernis in Rouge Noir.  To me, this colour is the epitome of autumn-winter nails.  It is perfect.  It has so much depth without being too gothic.  It is extremely long-lasting too!  One thing to bear in mind is that if you don’t use a base coat, it will almost definitely stain your nails.
  8. Vitamin E-Oil.  Available in Holland&Barrett and plenty of other health shops, this oil is the ultimate skin moisturiser.  I get the worst dry skin on my face and elbows in winter and this is absolutely amazing.  I use it as a face moisturiser at night rather than in the mornings as it is quite sticky.  If I had a little extra soakage time in the am, it would be fine to use then too.  For anyone struggling with dry skin, I would definitely recommend this.

That’s all from me.  Let me know anything that you have really been liking!  I will talk to you all soon!

Chloe xx


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