Book Review #1: The Moth

The Moth is a not-for-profit organisation that organises events where people tell true and amazing anecdotes about their lives.  Since 1997, The Moth has presented thousands of stories, told live and without notes, to standing-room-only crowds worldwide.  A collection of these stories was published as a book in 2014.  This book became the first out of twenty-five that I have resolved to read and review in 2016.

The book contains 50 short stories that the editors decided best lent themselves to print.  It is a fascinating premise for a book and I have to say I was really excited to read it.

The great thing about short stories is that you can read them in segments.  A lot of my friends who don’t read say that they don’t have enough time to commit to sitting down and finishing a novel.  The Moth is perfect for anyone who has a busy schedule but still wants to have something to read.

I will say that some stories were better than others.  The diversity of the collection means that there is something for everyone.  The stories span between anecdotes from astronauts to Bill Clinton’s press officer to policemen on manhunts to a transsexual woman returning to her hometown for the first time since her transition.

What I really liked about the short stories was the real-life element of them.  A tale is made so much more special when you know that it is drawn from a person’s actual experiences.

To conclude, I would recommend this book to anyone.  It isn’t my favourite thing that I have ever read but it is an interesting little read.

If reading isn’t your thing, I would suggest that you go to The  and listen to some of the stories live.  Some of them are incredible.

Bonus feature: The front cover is shiny.  Yusssss.

An honourable mention goes to the several timed photos I tried to organise of me reading the book on my couch the other day.



Talk to you soon.

Chloe x


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