Fings Wot I Ate Today

For breakfast, I had old reliable porridge with cinnamon, peanut butter and apples.  With this I had a few mugs of lemon water.  I don’t know if I buy into all the alleged health benefits of drinking lemon water, but it tastes hella good, so I’m going to keep drinking it.  If it wants to give me great skin and prevent me from ever bloating again, so be it.  That’s fine by me.


I had this baby at about 11 to perk me up a bit.  Who needs coffee? Me. I still need coffee.




I had some popcorn at around lunchtime as I didn’t have enough time to make a proper meal – oops.  As you can see I seriously burned it (because I am not even skilled enough at cooking to manage something as simple as popcorn).  I think I picked out all the seriously charred parts; at least I hope I did.




As a wee snack I had a banana, sliced and made into a sandwich with vegan chocolate spread and peanut butter.  I also sprinkled a little desiccated coconut on top because I like to spoil little old me sometimes.


For dinner, I had pasta with some of my homemade pesto and rocket on top.  As a side, I had celery, tomatoes with lime juice squeezed on top and avocado. De-lish!  There was a lot of pasta there but I was starving so I actually ate all of this.  Ha.  I disgust myself.



I had all of this with a crap tonne of water because I am feeling holier than thou recently, treating my body like a temple and everything that comes with that.  I had gotten out of healthy living recently, but I have finally gotten back into it a bit the last few days, getting a bit more exercise and all that.

So that’s what I ate today.  It’s all plant-based obviously.  That’s something I might discuss in a little post soon. With the peanut butter and avocado and coconut, the day had a lot of fat in it, but hey, so do I, so there are no surprises there.

Sorry if you find this kind of post horrendously uninteresting.  I like them.  They give me a little inspiration for my own meals because sometimes I find myself eating the same thing day after day.

Talk to you all soon, anyway!

Chloe 🙂


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