A little review of “Don’t look at me” from Lush

This striking blue little pot is a face mask from Lush. It has lemon juice, tofu, ground white rice and murumuru butter in it, which seem to be its main claims to fame.


Lemon juice is an antioxidant so it treats acne but it also has a bleaching effect that fades scarring and discolouration.  Recently, my acne has almost completely disappeared (woohoo).  I have unfortunately been left with a lovely little collection of scars.  I completely deserve them – I pick at my spots like I’m paid to do it.  Whenever I wash this mask off, I definitely find that my skin does look a bit brighter.  It’s hard to tell if it’s fading my scars, though, as I have only been using it for a month. The one thing I would say is that the lemon juice feels quite harsh on the skin.  I wouldn’t wear this mask if your skin is particularly sensitive because it might irritate it.

Tofu and murumuru butter are supposed to be very moisturising but honestly, this mask isn’t very moisturising at all.  You definitely need to slather on a crap tonne of moisturiser after you wash this off if you don’t want to look like the thing from Fantastic Four.

The ground rice is one of my favourite things about this mask.  It means that it doubles up as a scrub.  We all know how fecking expensive Lush can be, so this means you get some serious bang for your buck.  The mask gets quite stiff in the fifteen minutes you keep it on, so I think it’s important to splash your face with water before you start scrubbing to avoid scratching your face off.


Plus, the mask makes for a serious Instagram photo op!


Overall, this is a nice little mask if you have acne or scarring or you need to slough off some nasty ass flaky skin.  It smells a bit like you have salad dressing on your face but we all make sacrifices in the name of beauty.  The only other kind of crappy thing about the mask is that it expires after about 3 weeks and you need to keep it in the fridge.  All of that aside, I would definitely rate this as a whopper mask/scrub.  Thoroughly recommended to all!

Talkche soon



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