Why would you ever pay for a coffee scrub??

Every single time I go on Instagram, I am bombarded with photos of models telling me I need to spend upwards of €20 on a coffee scrub.  It seemed a little excessive to me as well as being a total waste of coffee.

I still wanted to see what the hype was all about so I went to our coffee machine, cut the used coffee capsules open, took out the coffee and mixed it with some olive oil in a jar.


What I do with this is cleanse my face and put the scrub on.  Because the coffee is ground up, it makes for a very fine exfoliant, which is nice and gentle on your skin.  I rub little circles on my face, focusing on around my nose, my neck and my forehead where my skin is drier.  If I have a little more time or am about to hop in the shower, I will do my arms as well to tackle my horrendously crusty elbows.  You could really use this scrub anywhere.

Blurry photography is inevitable when you are on your own in your bathroom, covered in coffee granules, holding your phone over a full basin of water trying to stretch your thumb far enough to take a photo.

After I have finished rubbing the scrub in, I wash off the coffee granules with water, trying not to wipe all of the oil off.  Then I just rub in the olive oil to moisturise a bit.



Hopefully, this might save somebody a little bit of money.  You don’t have to use coffee in a capsule, any kind of ground coffee will do.

The only other thing that I might say to any of the paler ladies out there is that the coffee might stain your skin if you leave it on too long! It doesn’t stain too dark, though, so I wouldn’t let that discourage you from trying this.

Talk soon!



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