My Disappointment | Chocolate Covered Raisins

Hello, all.  I debated whether or not to write this little post.  I feel like it is what I would call negative journalism.  I don’t like saying bad things about companies, but also, I suppose it is important to be completely honest when it comes to products I don’t like.

I have been shopping around for vegan snacks and treats that I can recommend to you all recently.  Today, I bought these vegan chocolate raisins and wondered what could go wrong.  I almost didn’t buy them because they contain soy and in term of environmental issues, I would consider soy production to be worse than dairy production.  Despite this, I abandoned my morality and decided to try them as I had a voucher for Holland&Barrett. (Whoops!)

The packaging was so cute and friendly and punny.  I had foolishly high expectations.  Alas, this was probably the worst vegan snack that I have ever tried.  I can’t even describe the flavour to you.  I could taste neither chocolate nor raisin.  In addition to that, they had the most synthetic aftertaste you can imagine.


Vegan alternatives to junk food are crazy expensive, so I think we have a responsibility to each other to let one another know when something just isn’t worth the price tag.

I will be making a post soon of my favourite plant-based junk food, so stay tuned for that!



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