Review | Cosmetic Warrior from Lush

Soooo… I recently polished off five Lush products in black tubs.  That meant that I got to go into Lush on Grafton Street and exchange them for a face mask!  I chose “Cosmetic Warrior”, having had it tested on my hand in store a few months ago.

Cosmetic Warrior is formulated to soothe and reduce inflammation and spots.  My skin is not too bad at all at the moment but I do have a few sneaky spots here and there.  The face mask isn’t vegan but it is vegetarian!  Some of the ingredients are as follows:

Egg whites and honey moisturise your skin.  I find that a lot of acne treating products can leave your skin very dry and flaky but that is not the case at all here.  When I washed Cosmetic Warrior, off my face was very smooth and plump.  Additionally, honey is an antiseptic which helps with blemishes.

Garlic and tea tree oil are the acne treating ingredients in the mask.  I can’t talk about any significant reduction in spots yet because most of my acne is hormonal.  What I will say, however, is that any redness in my face was significantly reduced after using this mask.  It also has a very cooling effect, which is nice for anyone with severely irritated skin.


Face mask face


A lot of people complain about the smell of the mask, but honestly, I don’t have a problem with it at all.  I rarely object to the fragrance of Lush products, so maybe I am just not very sensitive to smell.  That said, I think if you’re not buying a product just because you don’t like the smell, you are doing yourself a bit of an injustice.

You have to keep the mask in the fridge and use it within about a month.  For this, you pay €9.50, which isn’t a bad price if you’re just treating yourself every so often


What I love about Lush is how fresh everything is.  I was talking to a shop assistant there about a shipment of products they got on Wednesday and she told me that the Carrageen moss in those products had been picked on MONDAY.  Wow.

Talk soon




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