A small wee update

Hello hello hello.  I wasn’t going to mention anything until my next normal blog post but I am very excited about a few things.

I have been implementing a lot of changes in my life lately to improve myself and I want to talk about them a little bit.  If you don’t like totally self-absorbed writing, I would advise you to back out of this blog post right now; I’ll see you in the next one.

If you don’t mind listening, I just want to let you know that I have really changed who I am as a person insofar as introducing a more low-waste minimalist attitude towards material goods and also taking steps to nurture my intellect as well as care for my mental and physical health.

I am really excited to write about these changes in-depth as time goes on and I hope that you are all happy to read about them!

Oh, also I got a SoundCloud account. I feel like I have gotten a bit lazy recently in terms of finding new music, so hopefully if I get a few followers, we can all expand our horizons a little bit and find something new to listen to!

My account is just my name which is: https://soundcloud.com/chloe-manahan

I am still not entirely used to the site yet but I am enjoying it thus far!

Talk to you all soon!!




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