DIYing Old Earrings


I am not going to pretend that this is some kind of how-to that’s going to teach you something super innovative and crafty.  That would be very condescending; this little upcycle job isn’t even beyond the skillset of a monkey.


Yes, you.


All I am trying to do with this post is show you how easy it is to switch up your wardrobe without actually buying something new.

I’ve had this ancient pair of hoop earrings for ages and recently I haven’t been getting too much use out of them.  So, I took some wool that I found, tied a knot around the hoop, wound the yarn around the hoop and then used some superglue on the underside of the earring to keep everything stuck.  Then, I just repeated with the other.  I have gotten so many compliments on these since I made them.



I hope this maybe will inspire a couple of you to think outside the box and do a bit of cyclical consumption rather than linear consumption!


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