At the end of my second month of zero waste…

Hello, hello and welcome to the monthly series I am writing about my transition to the zero-waste lifestyle!  Hope you find this useful!

  1. Zero-waste is hard to do in Ireland.  We don’t really have wholesale bulk shops in the same way that America does, so often it’s about looking for paper and cardboard packaging instead of bulk produce.
  2. Pumice stones, face cloths and coffee grounds do as good a job of exfoliating as any shop bought products and they cost half the price.
  3. Conditioner is probably a waste of time.  I haven’t used conditioner in two months and my hair looks exactly the same as it did.  If you have particularly dry hair, I am sure the occasional coconut oil treatment would do the trick!
  4. A “no junk mail please” sign by your letterbox might just change your entire life.
  5. Failing this, newspapers and leaflets that are sent to your house can double up as kitsch wrapping paper.
  6. You probably don’t need to buy any more pens ever again in your life.  I have started to use just one pen at a time.  This is to try and make my way through every pen I already have before I buy more.  When I finally finish the last one (I am currently about 800 pens away from doing that, by the way) I will probably invest in a refillable pen that I can use again and again.  The same logic goes for makeup products.
  7. Cornflour can double up as dry shampoo and face powder – Granted it’s not quite as good as a can of Batiste at soaking up oil, but your scalp does adjust and after a while, it will do just the trick.  I have read a few articles that say cornflour is not good to use as a cosmetic, but I have equally read a good few debunking that argument.  The choice is yours, I suppose.
  8. Stripping the label off an empty tin of sweetcorn or beans can convert it into a cute, industrial style vase.  I have gotten many compliments on the one I have in my room!

I hope this might be helpful for any of you researching a zero-waste lifestyle.  Again, I still have a lot of progress to make but any efforts made are a step in the right direction.  Call back next month where I’ll have a new list of zero-waste tips I have found on this little journey of mine!

Catch you later!



To read about month one, click here



4 thoughts on “At the end of my second month of zero waste…

  1. Thanks for some great ideas.

    I use wheatgerm and honey to exfoliate. I might try coffee grounds when I’ve finished my current batch.

    Any idea the best way to dispose of disposable pens? I was thinking about this only this morning.

    For my dry shampoo I use cornflour (it’s not an irritant for me) with a few drops of tea tree and some cocoa powder (because I have dark hair).


    1. Wheatgerm and honey sounds a lot less smelly than coffee! I always exfoliate with it before I use soap in the shower, for fear of coming out smelling like a coffee bean!
      Honestly, I am stumped re disposing of pens. I have recycled what I can but I have been hoarding the rest of them, trying to figure out what to do. No point getting stressed over it – all I can do is invest in a refillable one for the future… Let me know if you come up with anything!
      I like the idea of cocoa powder in the dry shampoo. Looks like you’ve given me more ideas in one comment than I have offered in the whole post haha.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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