Make Your Own Almond Butter?!

There is so little to this recipe.  You can change the amount of almonds used to make more or less with great ease! I would have thought that making your own almond butter would be next to impossible but it couldn’t be simpler.  This recipe costs about half the money you would pay in a shop for a jar half the size.  I would recommend using roasted almonds for a flavour with more depth, but I have also used this recipe with raw almonds too and it was still yummy.

What you need:

200g of almonds

A few pinches of sea salt to taste

A teaspoon of honey


What to do:

Literally just throw all the ingredients into a blender and blitz it up for about 10 minutes until it has changed from a bitty consistency to a creamier one.


I like to put this on apple slices or on toast but it could also be used as an ingredient in some homemade Reese’s Cups!  Let me know if you make this and what you like to eat it with!  I feel like this could be a cute and cheap little present for a friend too.





Yay for grainy photos.  If anybody would like to send me a new camera, that’d be great thanks. Xo


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