Reason 1/10,000 Why You Should Cut Dairy Out


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This is my face with makeup on in November 2015 before I quit dairy.  Even with poor camera quality, you can see that I had lots of painful spots12165719_1129656060397411_126118023_n


The following two photos were taken a few weeks ago.  I get very few spots now!


I stopped eating dairy in December 2015!



(The funny faces are intentional, I promise…)


So, yeah.  I used to be very self-conscious about my skin.  There were other reasons why it was worse before, but all of the before photos are from just before I quit dairy last year.

This post may not help everyone, but it is a small little personal testimony.  I know how upsetting acne can be.  You’ll notice that none of the before photos have me without makeup on.  I was so so so so insecure about my skin.  I used not to want to leave the house at all when it was at its worst.  I even brought concealer to the pool and beach when I would go on family holidays.  No fun at all.  Hopefully, someone might find this useful.

For anyone else struggling with skin issues, you have my prayers;  I know just how hard it can be. And sore!!! Holy moly, people do not seem to realise that it hurts sometimes!!!


Actually, if you do have acne now and feel self-conscious about it, do try to take it easy on the makeup when you can, and seriously don’t touch your skin.  Those two things alone will make a world of a difference.  I just wear eye makeup now most days to let my skin breathe and it feels so gooood.  See your doctor if worst comes to worst, and remember that it really isn’t the end of the world.  Most people are too preoccupied with their own flaws to take any notice of yours. ❤

Peace out.





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